Apple Pressing service.

Apple Pressing Prices 2020

Why not bring your apples to our 250 year old apple press. We can turn them into Apple Juice which will last 2 years, or cider Juice.  Please book a space. from 15th September-15th November. Computer controlled monitoring and recording of process. Process and prices for personal consumption only.

Suggested to have 20% bramleys in the apple juice to give it some crispness. 100% brambly juice is quite tart a bit like grapefruit juice and some eaters can make a very sweet juice.  

to book a place Fridays and saturdays, September and October. please Call Julian on 07770694646 or email 

1 Bag apples =20kg = 20 bottles 750ml of juice. (approx.)

17 bags 350 bottles. 

Min pressing 4 bags 80kg.

Bottles       Juice       Bottle     + label     +filling*      times estimated          bags needed

60-120       0.70p      0.70p    +0.25p    +0.50p       3 hours                           4-6

121-260     0.60p       0.65p    +0.20p    +0.50p     4-6 hours                          6-12

260-450     0.50p      0.60p     +0.10p    +0.50p     6-8 hours                         12-22

prices per bottle.  

ie 80 bottles =£1.20*80=£96  Refill: £0.7*80=56   Full service, (label and fill) 80*£1.95= £156 Refill: £0.7*80=56

Apples should be donated to Goren for pressing. Prices on qty Juice is produced. Waste pummy can be collected or we will dispose of it.        ie 80 bottles =£1.20*80=£96       Full service 80*£1.95= £156

  • Filling, pasteurising, capping and washing bottles. 45 mins=40 bottles
  • Labels. Polyester white background, colour laser Printed, lasts for many years.
  • Custom design provided by customer. Word template. standard design(no cost)
  • Pressing can occur the afternoon before bottling to allow sedimentation.
  • *Filling, capping and cleaning to be done by customer. 
  • Reusable bottles: customers will be responsible for the bottles being clean internally.Rinse out and keep original caps on immediately after use. New caps provided free after pasteurising.
  • cider juice(using cider apples) made at juice bottle rate per litre. ie 200L = 60p*200=£120. sourcing barrels and tapping service available.