All Tickets are sold out for Goren Festival 2019.

No Day tickets are available due to strict licencing rules about numbers.

If you already have purchased a ticket and need to add additional features these are still available. (if you do not have a valid ticket already you will not be allowed into the site).  Please read Terms and conditions to remind your selves. we will be supplying free drinking water from the taps so bring a refillable bottle.

Thank you & see you on Friday.

Camping £15
Car park, 1 car £3

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Max 2 children per responsible adult –Tickets are for the whole weekend.  Under 5s are free.

Camping from 3pm on Friday 28th June till Sunday 30th June at 3pm.
Bar and refreshments available on Friday 5pm till midnight & Saturday 29th noon till midnight.  Food available from various vendors throughout the festival.

get your early bird full tickets £30 and £10*  2020

We don’t do day tickets because we believe that this event is reasonably priced and camping is extra.

No refund will be made for weather, the show will go on.

Please make a note of your reference number, which is found on either your Paypal receipt or festival confirmation email, and present it at the gate where you will receive a wrist band for each member on the ticket.  Tickets are NOT sent out.

Strictly no glass bottles, pets or caravans please.